Why You Should Choose to Live in Australia

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Although it can be considered small in terms of land area, Victoria boasts of a diverse region with pristine waters, mountainous areas, and various other majestic landscapes. Aside from these natural wonders, Australia’s second-smallest state is also teeming with events. It plays host to some of the country’s most prestigious events all year round. Whether you’re looking to buy land in the Geelong region or you’re just genuinely interested in Australia’s east coast, here are some of the things that make Victoria a good place to live in:

Majestic landscapes

This compact region houses a wealth of regions and a variety of splendid landscapes such as its sweeping coastlines, beautiful beaches, sandy deserts, lush national parks, and soaring mountains. It is also home to an assortment of both heritage and modern gardens. An example of which is the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne that weaves together architecture, art, and creative design to mesmerize visitors with the beauty of the Australian landscape. Other green spaces include the Morning Peninsula or the William Ricketts Sanctuary that offers a stunningly beautiful display of ceramic sculptures of native animals as well as of the Aboriginal people. If you’re the more adventurous type, you might enjoy getting lost in the Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens or getting a bird’s eye view of awe-inspiring coves and hinterland from the very top of Mt. Oberon.

Year-round events and activities

Throughout the year, Victoria, along with Melbourne, hosts some of the country’s most prestigious activities such as the Australian Tennis Open every January; the Formula One Australian Grand Prix in March; and the International jazz, film, and writers’ festivals from May to September, among others. Aside from this, this southeastern state is also in charge of a variety of exhibitions that come from all over the world. The state’s events calendar is also usually packed full, which means that you would never run out of parties to go to wherever you are in Victoria.

Rich history

Victoria has a rich and interesting past that has made a lasting impact on this area’s present. In almost every corner of this place, you can find a testament to the state’s proud history, including sophisticated Victorian-era buildings, maritime museums, steam trains, and Murray River paddle streamers. It also boasts of beautifully preserved gold-mining towns, ancient burial sites, and bushranger lairs which were all witnesses to the Aboriginal people’s long history in this continent. Victoria is also home to the Great Open Road, a memorial carved in rock to honour those who died during the First World War.

Diverse arts scene

Woman looking at pictures in art gallery

The state’s vibrant arts scene offers a wide range of options such as theatre shows, comedy clubs, museums, galleries, festivals, and even live music. In any day of the week, you can experience a night of performing arts or live music. All across the state, there’s almost always a comedy hour, gig, or theatre production happening across the state. You can also visit museums and galleries and witness a range of art pieces from contemporary works by international and Australian artists alike to European classic pieces.

As a major source that provides Australia’s supply of natural gas and petroleum, Victoria’s economy has experienced and maintained a boom in its economy, which actually contributes to one-fourth of the country’s GDP. Aside from these, some of the other things that make Victoria a good place to live in is that it boasts of a diverse landscape, rich past, and offers plenty of activities to choose from all year round.

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