Fresh Starts, New Beginnings: Moving to a New Home

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Human beings are creatures of habit. This is why many of us dislike change and associate it with the inconvenience. Indeed, undergoing changes and facing circumstances that seem foreign to us can be scary and daunting. When we encounter situations we’re not used to, it’s a common response to put up our defenses. In fact, even small changes like being forced to buy a different brand of breakfast cereal or having to watch another program because our favorite television series got cancelled can be annoying. So just imagine the level of stress that’s bound to come with big changes.

A particular example of major undertakings is moving to a new home, whether in Riverton or anywhere in Utah. Others may even consider this a life-changing act. In fact, some people consider moving houses to be a more stressful circumstance than changing jobs, going through a divorce, or getting into a relationship breakup. Not only is it stressful, but it’s also consuming significant amounts of time and money.

Still, there are many reasons why people move — growing families who want more space for their coming offspring or adults who are relocating because of job-related opportunities. Whatever those reasons may be, it’s obvious that moving is a way to achieve certain goals. To highlight the positive side of moving, here are several benefits that it can bring to you and your family.

Widens your network

When you move to a new place, you’ll be able to meet new people and have more friends and acquaintances. This will allow you to be exposed to varying perspectives and personal insights. In addition, you’re also likely to benefit from a bigger and wider network.

Allows you to declutter

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Living in one home for decades can make you accumulate unwanted objects, especially if you are a hoarder who dislikes throwing things away. When you move, you’ll be compelled to assess your belongings to determine which items should you bring or leave behind. Thus, you’ll be able to curate and organize your properties. Feelings of attachment towards objects can be unhealthy and at some point in your life, you must learn to develop a mindset of disposability.

To lessen the bulk of your baggage without resorting to dumping them in the trash, you can give them to friends and relatives or even donate them to charitable organizations. You may even sell them in online platforms or second-hand stores if you would like.

Improves your memory

A study retrieved from the University of New Hampshire has found that moving to a new home can positively affect brain cognition. Participants who are over the age of 65 are asked to share five memorable experiences when they were aged 40 and 60. About 65% of them successfully delivered the information and surprisingly, 26% of the events they recalled fell around periods of moving home. The researchers concluded that moving can be a good reference point for remembering occurrences.

Helps you form good habits

According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Bath, moving to a new home can motivate you to stick to your resolutions for New Year. A change in location can help get rid of bad habits, considering that your mind may have already associated your habit with areas of your current home. A different place can, therefore, be a blank canvas where you can master new habits. This also makes the month of January a suitable time for moving.

Moving can be stressful, but it also allows you to have a fresh start. It’s important to note that although changes can be inconvenient, they are inevitable and necessary for progress.

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