New Beginnings: Why Condos Are Perfect Starter Homes

Gone are the days when one-storey, bungalow houses were the only options for starter homes. More Filipinos, especially young couples and families, are going for condominiums. The prevailing belief that you can’t grow your family in a “box” in a high-rise building has been proven otherwise by people finding joy in vertical living. If you are still hesitant about going vertical, here are some reasons why condos can be the perfect starter home:

They are near everywhere

Condos are usually close to social and economic hubs, so everything from schools, offices, malls, and banks down to your favorite Korean restaurants are within reach. If you need medicine in the middle of the night to nurse your child’s cough, you can walk a few blocks from your building and find a 24-hour pharmacy (even a hospital) or two. If you need to go for quick grocery shopping, you will not have to spend an hour in traffic for a carton of milk. This condo near Makati, for instance, is a stone throw’s away from a mall and a park, so you won’t run out of leisure activities to do as a couple or a family. The first rule in finding a starter home is location, and an accessible location is what condominiums offer.

They require less maintenance

Condos have relatively smaller space than homes in subdivisions. While this means a limited area to move about, it also means less time spent on cleaning the house, the backyard, the roof, or the swimming pool, giving you more time to spend on other things, like bonding with your kids or spouse. Aside from the time benefit, there are also reduced costs, not just on the cleaning itself but also on using water and electricity.

bedroom in a condominium

With more money left in your pocket, you will be able to save more for your growing family and afford occasional splurges for your kids. Do not be tied to a big house that will keep you preoccupied and empty-handed. Instead, go for a condo that’s just big enough to fit your needs, where home “extras,” like outdoor spaces, are already taken care of.

They can be rented easily in the future

Someday, when you have already outgrown your space, your condominium will not be useless as you move to a bigger home. It can be a source of additional income by renting it out. You will not run out of prospective renters because there is always a newlywed, a young professional, or a university freshman who is looking for a good place. With that in mind, when looking for a condominium, you should buy one with the perspective of selling later. Location is important. Go for hot communities or better yet, the next hot area in three to five years.

In the end, buying your first home can be a challenging experience. Still, the good thing about it is that you have one good option to start with: condominiums. Consider this as you decide where to raise your family.

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