Making a Single-Story Home Airier and Grander


If it’s your dream to have a simple, cosy house in a beautiful lakeside land, the perfect look for it would be a warm and intimate theme, all confined in a single-story space. Since you’re close to nature, a smaller home will be more proper, so that you won’t take up much land.

Besides, small spaces can be as efficient as big ones. With the right architectural designs and furnishings, your little home can look grand and airy.

That said, here are some tricks to maximise your single-story abode:

1. Utilise Outdoor Spaces

Utilising outdoor spaces, however small, is a great way to add square footage. Build a patio in your front yard or backyard using chic materials with a lot of texture and pattern. And don’t forget the fire pit for warmth and barbecue nights.

But whatever you build on your outdoor space, be sure that it’s functional. For example, creating a little sauna there would be great, but if you won’t use it as much, then maybe it’s better off as a storage shed. Hence, identify your priorities before deciding on a new outdoor feature.

2. Compromise

If you want a spa or a sprawling deck but don’t have enough room, don’t be disheartened. Compromise by opting for a freestanding hot tub instead, then use the remaining space as a lounge. You may not have achieved your exact dream, but in the end, your goals are still met.

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3. Paint it White

You’re probably tired of this advice, but painting the walls white is the safest way to open up a small space. Display pops of colour through decors, such as throw pillows, art, greenery, and rugs.

4. Consider Playful Colours for Certain Rooms

Though white effectively enlarges a space, it can look dull if the whole home is bathed in it. Hence, play with other colours in other rooms, like bathrooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

Dark colours will work in a small space, too. Teal walls that are coupled with yellow furniture and wood tones exhibit a perception of depth, keeping the room from looking cramped. If that’s too dark for you, try gunmetal grey; it’s chic, moody, and just in the middle of light and dark.

For coastal homes or any dwellings near a body of water, blue-green paint is perfect. The colour emits a beachy and classic vibe, especially when paired with neutral-coloured furniture.

5. Spruce Up the Kitchen

Naturally, a small single-story home will have a small kitchen. But the heart of your home doesn’t have to lack efficiency and appeal. Make the illusion of a bigger space by installing mirror walls, organising strategically, painting it bright, and ditching the hardware.

You can also make a moody kitchen and incorporate glamorous details in it, like high-gloss or metallic finishes. However, high-gloss paint can look tacky and dated, so settle for matte or satin.

6. Prioritise Storage

Before furnishing your space, be sure that you’ll have a space for your clutter. Recalling the first step, you can use your outdoor space as a storage shed, but if that’s not going to be an option, then you should have functional storage inside your home.

You can stock up on cabinets, use your basement if you have one, or the attic or loft. With a loft, it would also be beneficial to have one in your single-story home, as it can serve as an entertaining spot, an extra bedroom, or a home office.

Looking at all of these, we can realise that the possibilities for a single-story home are almost limitless. Adding a cosy patio alone already makes the space grander, so imagine what more can dramatic paint and decor can do? Practice your creativity, and your simple little house can be everyone’s dream home.

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