7 Ways Your Personality Shows Through Your Home Decor


One of the most expensive investments you will make is buying a property for sale and fixing it in a way that reflects your taste. But a home isn’t just a reflection of the owner’s good taste in style. It’s also, in a lot of ways, an extension of oneself that somehow reveals the type of person that you are.

7 Ways Your Home Decor Reveals Your Personality

1. Having streamlined decor shows how focused you are.

For people with lots of decors, especially those that have collections displayed, streamlining your display and editing them makes a good piece stand out even more. It shows that you are a person of focus and excellence.

2. Plants and natural fibers show how you like keeping things fresh.

Being surrounded by greenery and natural materials show that you love the outdoors and are the type of person who likes to keep things fresh.

3. If your kitchen is stacked, you like entertaining people.

Kitchen Design

Get-togethers and unexpected visits are easier to handle if your kitchen has all the equipment you need to whip up a meal or snack to go with hours of fun conversations.

4. Family photos all around show what and who your priorities are.

Having tons of family pictures scattered all over the house shows how much you value your family and the concept of family. It tells people you know your priorities and who/what your main motivation is in life.

5. Renters that are heavily into designing the house are eager to nest.

Renters are often restricted in going all out with their home design because they don’t own the place. It is evident in the way they install contact papers in kitchen cabinets or walls that can be taken down easily. They set up a house in ways that appeal to their tastes but the decors and improvements are often not permanent additions. This shows how much they already want to have a home of their own but still can’t due to certain factors.

6. Your living room layout determines how sociable a person you are.

If your couch and seats are facing each other, it means you value meaningful conversations with people. In contrast, if all of them are faced with the entertainment system, that often shows you would much rather keep your guests occupied than interact with them.

7. Plenty of bare spaces show you are not ready for long-term commitments.

Being a minimalist is different from choosing not to fill in the spaces in your home. One is more of design preference, the other is reflective of an unwillingness to commit because they might end up moving someplace else at an unexpected time. They refuse to invest in the property because they don’t want to settle in one place just yet.

In many ways, what you do with your home is a reflection of who you are as a person. Well, maybe not everything but the way you set it up reveals more than just your taste and preference. When people say your home has personality, that just means that you have managed to breathe life into it and not leave it only as a dull and uninteresting structure.

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