Living the Dream in Monaco

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Looking for a new place to settle and enjoy life? What if we told you that you can live your dreams in the luxurious principality of Monaco? If you imagine yourself living in the picturesque French Riviera that’s overlooking the Mediterranean, then this is the place to be for you.

Living in Monaco is possible with the rise of real estate in the country. A lot of people want to live there, and with the growing demand, one of the best options is to find a good real estate agent. There are lots of properties offered for sale or rent in the country, and all you have to do is find the right one.

Along with Caroline Olds Real Estate, many real estate companies in Monaco can help you find the property you need, whether it be a rental or a prime real property. These companies have a listing, from studio-type apartments to luxury seaside homes, which are handpicked to cater to your needs. Having a real estate agent is a personalized experience because they work closely with clients to make sure that they get the property that they need.

Facts about Monaco

Monaco is a wealthy sovereign city-state bound by French borders and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the second microstate in the world next to the Vatican that has a population of 38,682. It’s a principality governed through a form of constitutional monarchy. French, Monegasque, Italian, and English are the languages widely spoken there. It is also known for its casinos, which attracts tourists from all over the world, aside from its incredible sights and beaches. It’s also home to the annual Formula One Grand Prix, a highly anticipated event.

Why get a property in Monaco?

Young couple about to purchase a houseHere are some of the reasons you should consider buying or renting a property in Monaco:

  • Being located around the French Riviera means that you are close to the sea. Monaco has two harbours and is home to some of the largest super yachts in the world. If you’re a yacht enthusiast, living in Monaco is a dream. You can also rent yachts at one of its many rental companies so you can explore and live the high life in the French Riviera.
  • Monaco is accessible through land, air, and sea. It’s within the proximity of Nice airport, which is only 30 minutes away by car. You can also get to Monaco through trains from France. The ports also serve as a point of entry if you happen to travel by boat or yacht.
  • Monaco is close to the Southern Alps of France, which the place to go for skiing and snowboarding.
  • There are tons of places to go and sights to see. Monaco has famous casinos like that of Monte Carlo, museums, hotels, and gourmet restaurants. It is culturally rich with various musical and dance events all year round. Notable events in Monaco is the Formula One Grand Prix de Monaco, the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters tennis tournament, Monaco Yacht Show, and the Cannes Film Festival nearby.
  • Monaco’s apartments and houses offer breathtaking views from the urban architecture to the glistening sea. There’s abundant sun all throughout the year as Monaco has pleasant weather all year round.
  • Security in Monaco is top-notch, as there’s 24-hour surveillance. The country has one of the largest police force, as there’s 515 police presence enough to protect the population.

Experience living the luxurious life, come and consider owning a property in Monaco. Where all your dreams can come true.

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