Types of Foreclosed Properties

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The recent mortgage crisis has seen many homeowners unable to make the regular payments on their mortgages. The burst of the housing bubble has seen many people having a large debt on their mortgages than the actual worth of the property. Some individuals have chosen to walk away from the homes causing a foreclosure of many homes. With the increase in the number of foreclosed homes, other individuals have shown the interest to buy these houses at lower prices. Although foreclosed properties usually cost a less amount, they are a risky investment. That makes due diligence essential before deciding to buy foreclosed properties in Broward County. Make sure to consult real estate experts such as those from Tax Deed Investors. But what are the types of foreclosed properties that you can buy?


This type of property refers to the kind that you can acquire from the previous homeowner. When an owner knows that they are about to obtain foreclosure, they can look for a buyer. Since you will be interacting with the owner, you will obtain the necessary property information and documents. The documents include the title deed, inspection report, and payment information. This kind of foreclosure does not involve a lot of capital. Also, the risks of getting conned are minimal. After acquiring the property, you should make the mortgage payments to prevent foreclosure.


Gavel and Money

Most foreclosed properties end up in an auction. The process of auctioning a property varies from state to state. The common auction practice involves a systematic approach in either a clerk’s office or near the home. Different potential buyers come to the auction and present their offers. Individuals can get great deals at an auction, but the risks are also great. For instance, the buyers do not have a chance to inspect the home. The payment at a property auction is usually on a cash basis.

Real Estate Owned Properties

Some properties end up not getting a new buyer even after an auction. In fact, some fail to receive any bids from potential buyers. In such a scenario, the property becomes a real estate owned (REO) property. The bank can also take back ownership of the property from the previous property owner. This kind of property undergoes an inspection from experts before being put on sale. The bank can also organize for the renovation of the property before putting it on sale. Among all foreclosed properties, these properties are in the best condition. There are also no issues regarding property ownership after a buyer acquires it.

Each of the three types of foreclosed properties has its pros and cons. As a result, individuals cannot take the process of buying these properties lightly. Adequate research before making a purchase will ensure that the buyer does not make any mistakes with the purchase. In some states, previous property owners usually get a redemption period. The redemption period represents a certain duration that the owner can make payments and retain the property. As a foreclosed property buyer in Broward County, check that the prospect property does not have any redemption period. That way, you will be able to buy a valid property.

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