Self-Sufficiency: How to Gain (and Regain) Independence

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Everyone needs friends, family and romantic partners in their life, but it is also important to be self-sufficient. At first glance, self-sufficiency or independence may seem at odds with attachments or relationships. On the contrary, self-reliance does not mean pushing everyone else aside and listening only to yourself. It means you can stand up for what you believe in after looking for the truth in your values as well as in the values of others.

Often, we thrive in codependency. We move out of our parent’s house, check for home loan options, buy a home in Orlando, Florida, feel independent, and then only to become dependent again on partners, spouses, children, and other relatives. The cycle continues.

Here are some ways to become less dependent on others emotionally, financially or even professionally.

Create a plan

One crucial step to becoming less codependent is to create a plan. A good plan could start with understanding your goals and responsibilities and creating a system on how to carry them out.

Your plan should include a timeline with realistic targets. Try to stick to the plan as closely as you can. If and once you reached a wall, make sure that you’ve exhausted all your options figuring things out before running to others for help. In situations where the stakes are high, it is important to turn to others sooner.

Learn from their mistakes rather than making them yourself. In addition, a self-reliant individual does not skip on the chance to expand their knowledge and skills. You can learn from other people, but you could also learn from reading books, attending courses, and other self-improvement practices.

Learn to be comfortable with your independence

Often times, certain situations arise that will make us lose our sense of independence. For instance, getting out of a long-term relationship. Instead of looking for someone else to depend on and fill the void, try to develop a hobby or interest and learn to be more comfortable with your independent time.

Practice good self-care habits, like eating healthy and getting enough sleep. Once you’ve formed these habits, they become ingrained in your very nature.

Another way to becoming more comfortable with your independence is to arrange some time alone for yourself. You can take yourself out to dinner, go to the cinema or go on a solo trip. These times can help you reflect on some things and can be great for your self-esteem.

Take chances

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It is necessary to take risks without getting anyone’s approval. Yes, it is important to take into consideration the practical viewpoints of friends and families, and research on the logical risks involved. However, it is still your decision to make. When these risks pay off, you will be a success. And if they fail, you still have a great story to tell.

Being self-reliant and independent is very important to your self-confidence and self-value. It also reduces the stress of having to depend on others and get their approvals. There are many more benefits of becoming independent. And by following the simple steps above, you will be on your way to growth and independence.

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