Life After Divorce: What Happens Now?

couple signing a divorce agreement

When a person proposes to their significant other, both parties wish to remain together for the rest of their lives. It’s a lifelong commitment, one that takes effort from both sides in order to keep flourishing. Nobody enters a marriage, or a romantic relationship for that matter, expecting it to fail.

However, it does fail at the worst of times. A couple can try to mend what’s essentially a broken relationship through constant communication or marriage counselling. But the worst-case scenario is that they file for a divorce.

Reasons for Divorce

There are many reasons behind filing for a divorce. Some may cite infidelity, others financial problems leading to constant arguments and the inevitable disinterest in one’s spouse. Moreover, a divorce can be undefended, where both parties agree to the dissolution of their marriage, or it can get a bit messy.

Consequently, the post-divorce scenario differs each time. What happens after is entirely dependent on the former couple and the circumstances of the marriage prior to filing for the divorce. Those who wished for it, or even the ones who filed for it, may immediately plan the course for their best lives.

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Moving, Dating, Traveling

They can do this in different ways. Moving is one, to get away from the old home and now ex-spouse if there are no children involved. They may choose to move to a different property in the same city, or go out on a limb and move someplace entirely. They may find themselves looking for land for sale around Burnside or house for rent in Kingsland.

Dating is also a viable option, now that they’re unhinged. Traveling is, too. But this isn’t always the case for many divorcees.

Therapy, Counselling

The decision is sometimes too gut-wrenching for people that their grieving period lasts longer compared to others. Buckets of tears are shed, but this is a good thing. Letting oneself mourn is a step to moving on.

During this time, they can also sort out any leftover feelings they may have regarding the divorce. While many choose to do it alone, it doesn’t have to be so. Therapy and counselling are available for those who wish to seek help. Getting the opinion of a professional and uninvolved individual can be extremely beneficial in processing the divorce.

Consequently, doing so may help divorcees see their worth again. Low self-esteem is a common by-product of getting a divorce. There are people who end up believing that something is wrong with them afterwards. This mindset can complicate their lives. After all, if a person’s partner of how many years can end their marriage, what more any future relationships they may have?

But this can be remediated by building confidence and learning to love oneself. Both are essential to the process of reinventing themselves. A person’s being doesn’t have to be split into two parts: who they were before the divorce, and who they came to be after. They aren’t any less magnificent now that they’re single.

Regardless of the context pre- and post-divorce, divorcees should remember to be kinder to themselves once the divorce has been finalized. What they thought could be their forever has just ended, but it doesn’t have to be a sad ending.

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