Knowing the Best Things About Living in Quezon City

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The former Philippine capital has become one of the most ideal living places in the country. Also known as the City of Stars, Quezon City has a lot of things to boast about. From culture to lifestyle, you will surely not run out of things to talk and rave about. It is a sensory experience, so be prepared for it. Its nooks and crannies have a lot of happenings, most of which will be memorable and exciting.

So if you are planning to invest in a property, you may consider going for Quezon City. Its lifestyle and urbane interconnectivity make it an ideal living place for young professionals. Every day will be an adventure, and every night will be a party to remember. There is always something for everyone here.

So if you are looking for a high-end condo for sale in Quezon City, here are some of the most beautiful reasons that will help you solidify that decision.

Reason #1: Some of the top businesses are here

Career is one of the most important things among young professionals. And to be able to have a thriving one, a young professional must find a company or a business that will support him. Some of the country’s top businesses and corporations are here. These include the media giants, such as ABS-CBN and GMA, the Araneta Group, RAMCAR (the holding company of Motolite, KFC, Tokyo Tokyo, and Mister Donut), and various BPO agencies. The city makes an excellent choice for those who want to climb their career ladder.

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Reason #2: It’s your gateway to the north and northeast

The city can be filled with the hustle and bustle, and you surely want to escape occasionally. You will have a lot of places to go, as Quezon City is close to nature, too! You can visit Bulacan and Pampanga anytime you want. If you want to enjoy the cool of the highlands, you can go up to Marikina and then to Antipolo, Taytay, and Cainta. But if you just want to be in the midst of the greens within the city, there’s La Mesa Park for you.

Reason #3: It is a food hub

You will never be hungry when you live in Quezon City. There are a lot of restaurants and mom-and-pop shops to visit when you feel like craving for something delish. You can go to Maginhawa, a famous street in the city, that is lined with lots of restaurants. But if you feel like partying, you can always visit Tomas Morato.

Reason #4: Great education awaits here

Many young professionals still want to study, and most of them want to take a certificate course or a master’s degree. Regardless, some of the country’s best schools are here, which include the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University.

Living in Quezon City will surely be worth it. There is always something for everyone here. And if you stay long enough, you will inevitably fall in love with the city.

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